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Creative Learning inc – Developing Teacher Leaders in Gifted and Talented Education

Creative learning inc has a dedicated owner who is always looking to help families. She credits her parents for giving her the drive to help people in need. She was especially inspired during the December tornado when she helped a family that lost everything. Creative learning also offers a variety of classes for children and adults.

Teacher Qualifications

Educators who want to develop their leadership skills in gifted and talented education can benefit from the MAE program’s advanced certification for teacher leaders. The curriculum offers rich, meaningful learning experiences for students of varying developmental levels and teaches educators to use diverse teaching strategies that effectively engage all learners. Additionally, students learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion in a way that informs their work in schools and communities.

Gentry credits her time at Community Education as the foundation for her success at Creative Learning Inc, and she believes her experience at the agency helped her to connect with families in a way that has allowed her to help them when they need it most. For instance, during the tornado in December, she was able to help a family who lost everything.

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